Alden HP Toric


True Custom Torics, Unrivaled Fitting Control

At Alden Optical, our contact lenses are never “off the shelf.” Every Alden HP Toric lens is made to the exact specifications of a contact lens specialist like you, offering unprecedented control when fitting your astigmatic patients.

That level of control makes Alden HP Toric the perfect choice when:

  • Other companies’ torics fail to provide the parameters you need
  • Commodity lenses don’t provide the precise vision and fit you require

Unlimited parameters matched with uncompromising service.

Alden HP Toric lenses allow even patients with extreme prescriptions or abnormal corneal geometry to enjoy the many benefits of wearing soft contact lenses. Every lens also comes backed by the service and support you need to ensure patient success.

  • Choose from an incredible range of sphere powers, cylinder powers, and axes
  • Available in virtually any base curve or diameter
  • All single lens orders carry a full (100%) 90-day warranty
  • Orders ship within two business days
  • Choose from annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly replacement schedules
  Materials Diameter Base Curve Sphere Cylinder Axis
HP 49
lens material
of first choice
for extreme
dry eye

14.5 suggested

8.3, 8.6, 8.9
+30.00 to -30.00
in 0.25 steps
-0.25 to -10.00
in 0.25 steps
1° to 180°
in 1° steps
    No additional charge
for any diameter or base curve
outside of this range

Empirical Fitting Guide

Diameter Selection

  • Use the 14.5 diameter for normal-sized corneas
  • If a different diameter is desired, add 3.5mm to the HVID to calculate the lens diameter

Base Curve Selection

  • Use the chart to select the base curve based on the diameter and average K reading

Power Determination

  • Use standard vertex adjustment to convert the spectacle Rx, or call our consultants and let us do it for you

Adjustments (when necessary)

  • When evaluating the fit of the lens, please provide our consultants with the following data:
    • Fit/movement (base curve evaluation)
    • Lens overlap (diameter evaluation)
    • Orientation, in 1° increments if possible
    • Over-refraction
  • We’ll calculate the Rx for you