The one fluorescent solution that truly stands out.

Fluoresoft–0.35%® is not only an indispensable fitting and diagnostic aid, it’s also the only high molecular weight fluorescent solution available in America. Because larger molecules are more difficult to absorb by porous materials, Fluoresoft–0.35% won’t stain soft contact lenses.

You’ll find the easy-to-use Fluoresoft–0.35% delivers a number of other benefits as well:

  • Works with all types of contact lenses: GP, soft, hybrid, disposable, and keratoconus lenses
  • Available in convenient, single-use ampuoles
  • Contains no preservatives or anesthetics which can alter tear break-up time


FLUORESOFT-0.35% helps detect:

  • Epithelial abnormalities in patients
  • Abnormalities in the tear film, both prior and subsequent to contact lens wear
  • Epithelial damage due to contact lens wear or other trauma
  • Contact lens discomfort due to shortening of tear film break-up time
  • Applanation tonometry


FLUORESOFT-0.35% enhances fitting by helping:

  • Evaluate the cornea-lens relationship
  • Assess contact lens tolerance
  • Diagnose complications resulting from contact lens wear
fluoresoft-eye-01 fluoresoft-eye-02
  • Saves Time, Easy to use
  • Does not stain lenses
  • Provides accurate results
  • May be used with all GP, soft, disposable lenses
  • 20 Ampoules per box