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Scleral Lens Education Society

Zenlens scleral lens, co-designed with Jason Jedlicka, OD, fully vaults the cornea and allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy. It offers you:

  • Lens diameters of 16.0 mm and 17.0 mm—appropriate for a wide range of corneal sizes
  • Prolate and oblate designs to fit a wide range of corneal shapes
  • Smart Curve: modify only the parameter you want, not the ones you don’t
  • Custom design options to fine-tune optics and physical fit
  • A comprehensive 28-lens diagnostic set for efficient fitting
  • Featured in Boston XO Materials with a Dk of 100; also available in Boston XO2® with a Dk of 141

Zenlens can be coated with Tangible Hydra-PEG technology to enhance lens wettability. Tangible Hydra-PEG has been shown to increase surface water retention and lubricity and minimize deposits on various lens materials.

Standard or Custom, You’ll Get the Fit You Need.

While the Zenlens Lens can be customized to nearly any parameter, fitting within the standard parameters should be adequate for the vast majority of patients. Toric peripheral curves, customized center thickness, flexure controlling profiles, and front toric Rxs can also be ordered when needed.

Standard Parameters

Delivering Targeted Fitting

Key to the power of Zenlens is the ability to zero in on only the parameter modifications you need to make. When a parameter modification is made, the Zenlens lens with the Smart Curve design automatically engages to ensure all other design attributes remain consistent.

  • Allows you to focus on only the parameter requiring modification (effective sag, base curve, limbal clearance curve, or APS peripheral curves)
    —Especially convenient when best fit Dx lens requires sag modification, as the BC remains constant so your over-refraction remains valid
  • The Smart Curve will make your scleral fitting straight forward
  • Whether you're experienced in the art of scleral lens fitting or considering adding scleral lenses to your practice, make Zenlens your go-to scleral for the majority of fits

In this example, the Smart Curve maintains a constant base curve despite the variation in lens sag, very useful when optimizing corneal clearance but satisfied with base curve.